Straits Heritage Foods is founded by a nyonya girl in Malaysia whose ultimate passion lies in food. While enjoying her newfound freedom after departing from a long corporate career, she found that her happiest times were when a good group of friends would drive to every nook and corner just to get a taste of what Klang Valley has to offer. Ultimately though, nothing beats the familiar, comforting scent of simmering spices in her mother’s wok, wafting from the kitchen of her parents’ house.

“Oh finally you want to learn? Good also la. I won’t be here forever you know.”

This simple utterance by her mother set this nyonya girl into a frenzy over the next few weeks. She drove home more often, learning from her mother, and re-creating in her own kitchen. This new obsession pleased her friends who happily flocked to her home to sample her creations.

In just a matter of weeks, this nostalgia and yearning to preserve traditional nyonya and peranakan dishes transformed into a real business. And thus, Straits Heritage Foods Enterprise was born with the mission to curate, re-create, and continue the rich legacy of straits heritage foods to wider audiences and for generations to come.